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other local tracks. Please stop by 87 Cyclery to pick up a free map and directions to all the trails listed here!


Trail 200

Difficulty Level: Moderate-Advanced

Trail 200 is a local favorite consisting of a 5 mile loop made up of 100% single-track! This trail is so sweet! Incredible climbs, fast and technical descents that wind in and out of giant boulders, this trail is a blast. From the center of town you can be to the trail head in under ten minutes! It’s a trail designed for the more advanced rider due to its very technical nature, so if you aren’t comfortable with your riding skills quite yet, no problem Payson offers something that will suite you!

Boulders Trail

Difficulty Level: Easy-Modrate

Boulders Trail is just a few hundred feet south of Trail 200. The trail is about the smoothest trail around which makes it ideal for someone new to mountain biking. There are a couple technical sections that require some skill however. It’s around 4 miles of really fun trail which winds you through pine trees, creek bottoms and big boulders and will take you all the way to the bottom of granite dells road. From there you can complete the loop or hop on a couple different trails. If you’re looking for more of a workout, than the 4 miles of climbing back out on granite dells road is perfect for you. Boulders does attract a lot of hikers, locals walking dogs and occasionally someone on horseback so just a heads up.

Horton Creek

Difficulty Level: Moderate-Slightly Advanced

Horton Creek Trail head may be one of the most beautiful mountain bike rides in all of Arizona. With tall pine trees and Horton creek flowing right next to you as you ride, it doesn’t get much better than this. The trail was completely revamped in early 2013 rerouting all the rocky paths. It’s around a 4 mile climb up to Horton Springs with about 1250 feet of elevation gain, then you turn around and bomb down what you just climbed, it’s pretty awesome. The trail is well marked at the beginning to point you in the right direction.  On the weekends during spring and summer time the trail does attract a lot of hikers so be careful not to run them over! Horton Creek Trail head is located about 17 miles east of Payson but it’s a beautiful drive and totally worth it.

Highline 260 Trail Head

Difficulty Level: Moderate-Advanced

If you like to climb and want some spectacular views than this trail is for you! 260 Trail is a great mix of technical sections and  some fast sections that are really fun.  After a couple miles of riding you start the climb that takes you all the way up the face of the rim. That’s where the fun begins as you will have a gnarly descent down catching some switch backs. You end up crossing Christopher Creek where a lot of people prefer to shuttle it back instead of taking 260. Highway 260 is now safer than a lot of streets since the lane separation and some favor starting the loop doing the climb first. The trail is located about 23 miles (elevation change = cooler temps) east of Payson, just a little further than Horton Creek. Stop by 87 Cyclery and pick up a free map of 260 Trail head, it’ll point you in the right direction.

Barefoot Trail. Pine AZ

Difficulty Level: Moderate

6.5 miles of great singletrack 15 miles north of Payson. Take highway 87 north to Pine, cruise all the way through on your way to Strawberry, when there’s a passing lane just before Strawberry it will be mile marker 270, pull over into the little dirt section, park, get on your bike and go through the gate, your on the Bearfoot trail. Starts off with some flowy trail, that lead way to some rocky techy climbs that are a good pull for most. The further you go up Pine creek canyon it’s like your riding in Oregon, all lush and green and really flowy! Once you get to Pine creek you will know it by the ridiculously nice bridge that was put in, stop and admire the great work done by the folks in Pine. At this point, for now, you will have to ride out the way you came in. Camp Lo Mia has asked for mountain bikers to please not ride through the once done with the Bearfoot trail. Soon there should be a by-pass that will lead riders around the camp to make things easier, we will update this as soon as we get word.

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